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Welcome to Pinecone Pediatrics!

Our vision for Pinecone started in 2019

Our vision for Pinecone started in 2019 with a desire to fill a gap in the care of children and a desire to push forward as a positive member of the local community. Mrs. Gauthier’s experience as an elementary school teacher and Dr. Gauthier’s experience as a pediatric emergency physician made obvious the need for rapid access to specialized care and the ever-increasing challenge of supporting the mental health of our children. If you want to learn more about the nuts and bolts of how we got started, head on over to our Instagram page.
about pinecone pediatrics

Pinecone Pediatrics

Pinecone Pediatrics is a specialty practice composed of Community Pediatricians, subspecialty trained Pediatricians, a Nurse Practitionner and a psychologist dedicated to medical, mental health, minor injury, acute illness, behavioral, and developmental issues of children 0-18 years of age in Calgary and the surrounding areas. We are currently accepting new patients on a referral basis from family doctors, nurse practitioners, emergency physicians,  pediatric subspecialists, midwifes and dentists. We hope to be expanding very soon with more pediatricians and other subspecialities, and we’re working hard to include other allied health professionals.

Our purpose

Your team at Pinecone Pediatrics is committed to providing the best quality pediatric care to families, in a way that makes them feel seen.

We are just getting started, and we’re working as hard as we can to provide a community-based, pediatric whole-health environment. Our goal is to provide outstanding pediatric and pediatric subspecialty care for children and families in one location, and work with our patients and the rest of their care team to find creative solutions to simplify their health care journey.

Our Values


Our clinic has a team-based approach to healthcare which brings in physicians, patients, families and even subspecialists and allied health professionals working together to achieve the best care possible.


Pinecone is the intersection of 3 communities. Every child deserves to be surrounded by a community of loving family, friends and dedicated teachers. The second is the medical community we’re putting together to support the needs of our children - a diverse community of healthcare providers with various training and expertise. The third is Nolan Hill, Calgary and Alberta - we find and tap into the resources available for our patients but also give back through education, community engagement and special events.


As parents, we understand that real life happens. In the ways we provide care, in our communications with our patients and their families, and in the ways we are setting up the various services we offer at the clinic, we will always be sensitive to the needs of families that visit Pinecone Pediatrics. We are always receptive to feedback on how we can better meet your needs.

    Our team of pediatricians and pediatric specialists is located in NW Calgary.

    We currently have 1 clinic manager and 2 physicians, both of which are trained and experienced in Pediatric Emergency Care and have worked at the Stollery in Edmonton.

    We currently offer care in the following areas:

    • General pediatrics
    • Pediatric emergency followup
    • Pediatric mental health
    • Pediatric sports medicine
    • Management of chronic pediatric disease
    • Coordination of care
    • Video consultation

    Our services are currently on a referral only basis

    Meaning to access our services you need to be referred by your family doctor, by a nurse practitioner, by an emergency physician or by a pediatric subspecialist. If you don’t have a family doctor, please contact us and we’ll help you with that part as well!
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    Meet your care team

    The pediatricians who work in our clinic are Royal College Fellows in Pediatrics. Each member of our staff will treat everyone with the utmost respect and compassion.

    Dr. Martin Gauthier

    Dr. Martin Gauthier

    Martin is a Pediatric Emergency Physician, having completed residency and fellowship in Calgary. He’s been working in the Emergency department for the last 6 years and is looking forward to developing more in depth care relationships to address long-term aspects of his patient’s needs
    Mrs. Valérie Gauthier

    Mrs. Valérie Gauthier

    Valérie is our clinic manager and often works at the front desk to greet and check in families as they arrive. She was born and raised in Québec, and has worked as an elementary school teacher in Québec and Alberta for over 10 years!
    Dr. Manu Kundra

    Dr. Manu Kundra

    Manu is a Pediatric Emergency Physician. He’s been working in the Emergency department for the last 13 years and is looking forward to being able to spend more time with families and get to know their stories.
    Mrs. Valérie Gauthier

    Dr. Madison Hall

    Madison is a Pediatrician who is excited to work with the children and families of Calgary after completing her residency at the University of Saskatchewan.

    Mrs. Valérie Gauthier

    Mrs. Lucie Lapierre

    Lucie is a family all-ages nurse practitioner. She completed her training in Alberta, Quebec and British Columbia! She is also a certified lactation consultant. Outside of work, you'll find her working on projects around her home, enjoying the outdoors or volunteering. 

    Mrs. Valérie Gauthier

    Mrs. Esther Groen

    Esther is a Registered Psychologist. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. She takes a client-centred, neurodiversity-affirming, and strength-based approach to therapy. She is proficient in a variety of treatment and support modalities such as CBT, ACT, DBT, and expressive arts. Esther is happy to offer 15-minute meet-and-greet appointments to see if she is a good fit for your needs and can also provide virtual services!
    Ms. Cheryl Shanks

    Mrs. Cheryl Shanks

    Cheryl is one of our medical office assistant and smiling face at the front desk. Originally from British Columbia, she has been working in rheumatology for the past 27 years.
    Ms. Cheryl Shanks

    Mrs. Natasha Siegrist

    Natasha is one of our medical office assistants.  She was born in Ontario and grew up in Alberta.  In her spare time she enjoys singing, drawing, reading and taking trips to the mountains. She also enjoys watching and collecting all things Starwars!